Smart Home Accessories For The NIBE S-Series
The S-Series just got smarter with myUplink Smart Accessories

Smart Home Accessories for the


NIBE's wireless myUplink accessories help you get the most out of the S-Series. What that means for you is new opportunities to improve your indoor comfort to suit your needs while consuming less energy.

If you have a connected NIBE heat pump, you can already control and monitor your heating and ventilation system simply and easily using myUplink. The new smart accessories give you even greater precision and comfort, room by room.

The accessories are small units which are easily mounted on the wall and connected to your NIBE S-Series installation. You can sit back and relax while your heating installation automatically adjusts the temperature, humidity and CO2 level – or you can adjust them manually to suit your needs.

The NIBE S-Series is a natural part of your connected home. Smart technology adjusts the indoor climate automatically while you exercise complete control from your phone or tablet. Maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption – and you're doing nature a favour at the same time.


The NIBE RMU S40 is a wireless/ wired room unit with 2.8” touch screen and built-in temperature and humidity sensors.You use it for remote control and monitoring of your NIBE S-series heat pump, as a supplement to the myUplink app in your smartphone or tablet.The room unit is easy to install and use. It has the same intuitive interface and design as myUplink and your heat pump. Choose a central place in your house, the kitchen perhaps, or anywhere that's convenient for you. In a large house with a lot of windows it can be a good idea to install one or more THS 10’s as a complement.The room unit also enhances the signal,improving communication between your smart home products when these are located at a distance from each other.

Smarta hem tillbehör för NIBE S-serien
THS 10

THS 10 Wireless temperature & Humidity sensor

This wireless sensor allows you to read the temperature and humidity in a room or climate zone using the myUplink app. On the heat pump you can see the current room temperature or change it in °C.

THS 10 replaces the fixed indoor sensor. Because it is battery powered, it is easy to install.

Mount the sensor in your room and connect it to your NIBE S-Series heating installation.



Enhances the signal, improving communication between your smart home products when they are placed at a distance from each other. For NIBE S- Series heating installations, the repeater functions as a switch, giving you the opportunity to control it remotely, schedule On and Off times and measure
energy consumption.

Plug in the repeater and connect it to your NIBE S-Series heating installation.


cds 10 wireless co2 temperature & humidity sensor

This wireless sensor allows you to read the CO2, temperature and humidity level in a room or climate zone using the myUplink app. For NIBE S-series heating
installations with ventilation the indoor comfort level can automatically be adjusted to give you a comfortable indoor climate. For example, you can increase ventilation and lower the CO2 level when there are a lot of people present or lower the ventilation to further reduce your energy costs. Because it is battery powered, it is easy to install, but it can also operate with an external power source using a micro USB.

Mount the sensor in your room and connect it to your NIBE S-Series heat and ventilation installation.

THS 10


The wireless room thermostat allows you to read and control the temperature of a room or a climate zone from the display of the room thermostat or via the myUplink app in your smartphone. For instance by
increasing the ventilation when you have many guests or lower the ventilation for better savings when you are not at home.

Because it is powered by a rechargeable
battery, it is easy to install.

Mount the thermostat in your room and connect it to your NIBE S-Series heat pump.

NIBE myUplink Smart Home Accessories are now available to purchase through your NIBE Pro Installer.

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NIBE myUplink App Is the key to your smart home

The myUplink app has been developed for the NIBE S-series and the Smart Home Components, which is included at no extra cost. Simply download the app and register to gain control of your heat pump from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you are. You will gain access to a wide range of features designed to help you make the most of your NIBE heat Pump, including the following functions: monitoring, alarms, information on software updates, weather forecast control, IFTTT voice control, historical data and Smart Price Adaption. Please be aware that some features will require a premium subscription.


Frequently Asked Questions

The devices are automatically updated via the main product when they are connected to the system.

It may take up to 5 minutes for the device to connect to the system. Please note When installing the wireless devices, they must be close by to the main product to be able to connect.

If possible, reduce the distance between the accessory and the main product. If communication between the main product and the accessory is weak, you may need to install an RPP 10 repeater Plug.

Walls and some surfaces can absorb the wireless signal. If possible, place the accessory in the same room as the main product (to test the connection).


Thick stone or concrete wall with metal construction can lead to High disturbances likewise with a Roof with metal frames. However a Brick wall may only cause a Medium disturbance, whereas plasterboard, glass or wood walls are likely to cause minimal problems.

It is best if the accessory is not:

  • Behind a TV.
  • Near an aquarium.
  • Placed in or under a metal object.
  • Placed in closed furniture.
  • Close to a large amount of wires and cords.
  • Close to other wireless devices (Laptops, tablets, cordless phones, cordless printers, speakers, IP cameras, other smart devices, microwaves, etc.)

If you have any of these devices at home, turn them off temporarily and check your connection (which may take up to 15 minutes).

If things get better, try increasing the distance between your myUplink products and the main unit.

If RPP 10 loses contact with the main product, RPP10 will try to reconnect for 60 minutes, if the reconnection fails, the power supply to the output socket in RPP 10 will be turned off. Therefore, do not connect equipment that is sensitive to power outages.

The batteries last about 18 months, keep in mind that the service life can be affected by the quality of the batteries, longer distances between the unit and the heat pump / repeater can also affect the battery life.

You first receive a warning / notice that the battery level is low on your device, if you do not take action, the device disappears and you receive a new warning / notice that the device has been dropped.

At most, you can connect 2990W / 13A to an RPP 10.


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