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We are taking new steps to give you an easier everyday life.  Upgrade from NIBE Uplink to myUplink free of charge - providing new advantages and opportunities.

Over the next 3 months NIBE will be merging the older NIBE Uplink monitoring platform with the newer myUplink monitoring platform. This will create a single, universal, mobile application and online platform for homeowners and installers to remotely control and monitor their heat pump systems. The merge includes all previous NIBE Uplink compatible F-series products as well as the newer S-series range. Customers who already use NIBE Uplink will receive an email notification to inform them of the required upgrade to myUplink. 

Automatic Software Updates

Receive software updates via the Internet instead of downloading to a USB stick. The heat pump will always have the latest software and functions.

Settings In Real Time

Your settings and operating data in the app are updated immediately, unlike the previous 5 minute delay. Also access historical data on demand.

Profile Recognition 

Your settings from NIBE Uplink will be transferred. Premium subscriptions are also transferred. The display will be familiar in addition to new colors and icons,.


1. Update the software in the heat pump

- Download the software from the link below.

- Save the software on a USB stick.

- Install the software in the heat pump. Insert the USB stick into your heat pump and follow the instructions on the display.

2. Create a myUplink account

- Register your account with the same email address as your existing NIBE Uplink account by following the link below. Alternatively, log in directly if you have an account with the same email address registered to myUplink.

- Answer yes to the question about migrating the account from NIBE Uplink. When you log in for the first time, your heat pump will automatically be transferred to the new account.

3. Get started with myUplink

Go to our guide by following the link below. Familiarize yourself with myUplink, the functions available and how to navigate around the app.

- If you already have 3rd party integrations active, these need to be set up again against myUplink.

How do I download the software?

Download the current software and save it on an empty USB stick. Click download software in step 1 and save the software to a blank USB stick.

Should your device not find the file or the USB stick, start by formatting the USB stick to FAT32 format. Ideally there should be nothing else on the USB stick apart from the new software. Ensure you use safe removal from your pc before you disconnect the USB stick. Then try turning off the heat pump, inserting the USB stick, start the device again and it should work.

Find the USB socket

Insert a small screw driver at the bottom left corner of the cover and pry the cover gently open. Insert the USB memory stick into the USB socket on the display with the contact surfaces upwards.Var finns USB-uttaget på värmepumpen?

Update your system's firmware

1. Select the USB menu and press OK

Select the USB menu and press OK 

2. Select "update firmware" in the menu that appears and press OK.


3. Select "start updating" if you want to install the firmware that is now presented on your system's screen. You will be asked a question whether you really want to update the firmware, if you press "yes" the update will start, select "no" to cancel. After the update is complete your system will reboot.


Lost connection to NIBE Uplink after update

When you update your device with the new software, your device automatically goes offline in NIBE Uplink and online on the new smart home system, myUplink. Should your device not be connected to the internet after updating, we recommend that you restart the heat pump and the router (Shut down at least 20 min) so that a new communication can be resumed.