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Upgrading your home can help to tackle climate change

Whilst climate change can sometimes feel like a far away issue, it is crucial to recognise that each of us has a role to play in helping the UK reach its net zero targets. The Government recently announced several initiatives to make it easier and cheaper to install a heat pump in your home, a system that offers a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint and save on your energy bills. For instance, the planning restrictions have been relaxed making it far easier to locate a heat pump at your home and much faster to move this from an idea to reality.

Right now, heat pumps are backed by multiple grant funding schemes and an eager installer base committed to accelerating the rollout of low carbon tech across the country, making your heat pump installation cheaper and easier. Another big announcement was that you could now be eligible for a massive grant of £7,500 towards the installation and equipment cost of an air source or ground source heat pump. NIBE is also offering extended warranties on certain products through our NIBE Pro installers who are trained to our high installation standards so you can be confident your heat pump will keep your home warm all year round for a discounted price.

With heat pump rules relaxing and grant funding programmes expanding, now is the perfect time to upgrade your heating solution as soon as possible.

Here are some of the reasons why upgrading to a NIBE heat pump now is a fantastic choice:

Versatility & Cost

Government run trials have proven that heat pumps are suitable for homes of all different shapes and sizes, producing energy reductions and cost savings. NIBE’s heat pumps, installed by skilled engineers, can be tailored to maximise energy savings for properties of varying efficiency levels, insulation quality and age.

One 500-year-old property in Devon, owned by the National Trust, had a NIBE F2040 Air Source Heat Pump installed and has seen energy bill savings of over £2,300 per year. In the new build sector, a sustainable family home complete with a NIBE S1155 Ground Source Heat Pump and solar PV panels in West Yorkshire has been providing a reliable heating and hot water supply during the winter months. The project also received a Sustainability Award at the Yorkshire & Trent Master Builder Awards 2023.

Case studies like these demonstrate the suitability for heat pumps in both old and new properties and the impressive cost savings they offer regardless of the type of home you have. Read more about the diverse settings our heat pumps have been installed in and hear from some of our satisfied customers here.

In most cases, heat pumps are also cheaper to run than traditional gas or oil boilers, and current funding schemes can provide significant savings on the upfront costs needed to get one installed. As the Government seeks to stimulate heat pump sales before proposed mandate in 2035 for low carbon heating measures to be standard in existing homes, subsidies to help accelerate the change are currently at their best. We encourage anyone renovating or building their own home to take advantage of the various funding schemes available. The schemes differ in England, Scotland and Wales.

For your convenience, we’ve complied a comprehensive guide to available funding in England and Wales to help homeowners transition to more sustainable heating. Visit our website to learn more. In Scotland, the Home Energy Scheme enables homeowners to access grants of up to £7,500 for a heat pump system, and up to £9,000 for those living in rural areas, including an interest free loan of up to £7,5001. Read more about Scottish funding here.


Both new and existing homes will need to transition to low carbon heating. Undertaking a renovation or building your own home offers a fantastic opportunity to put sustainability at the core of your design and future-proof your property. Switching to low carbon heating ahead of government mandates offers various benefits, including access to top quality installers.

Heat pumps offer all the reliable indoor comfort offered by a traditional gas heating system, but without pumping polluting gases into the atmosphere. We go the extra mile with our products, creating systems that push the boundaries of sustainability. Our heat pumps use natural refrigerants for even lower environmental impacts, which mean that our heat pump systems that aren’t just sustainable when in operation, but they are built to the same standards too.

We also ensure our products run at optimised seasonal performance factors to produce low operating costs and high efficiency levels, even when the temperature outside is as low as –25°C. Our heat pumps are designed to run extremely quietly, rivalling existing household appliances such as refrigerators.

Learn more about our sustainability commitments.


NIBE was established 70 years ago in Sweden and specialises in developing climate friendly heating solutions for much colder climates than the UK. With a wealth of experience combining renewable energy with smart technology, NIBE systems seamlessly adapt, providing hassle free heating and cooling that provides a comfortable climate all year round – even in freezing conditions.

Like a gas boiler system, NIBE’s heat pumps require annual yearly services, but their longevity ensures efficient heating and hot water for decades. Some systems are also designed to provide cooling in the summer months, creating a more compact and economical alternative to standalone boilers and air-conditioning units.

Heat pumps will play a crucial role in decarbonising the way we heat our homes, presenting a cost-effective option for many. Now really is the best time to consider the next generation of sustainable heating for your home. Installing a heat pump is a proactive step in the right direction, empowering you to contribute to a more sustainable future.

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