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NIBE ERS S10-400

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The NIBE ERS S10-400 is a heat recovery ventilation unit with high temperature efficiency up to 92% and low energy consumption. The heat recovery ventilation unit is used in houses with areas up to approx. 300 m2. The NIBE ERS S10-400 is designed for installation with a NIBE ground source heat pump or a NIBE air source heat pump for a complete heating and ventilation system. The heat recovery ventilation unit is easily controlled by the heat pump. The NIBE S Series is a natural part of your connected home. Smart technology adjusts the indoor climate automatically while you’re in complete control from your phone or tablet. Giving maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption, while doing nature a favour at the same time.

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NIBE ERS S10-400

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The UK Government has set out some available funding for the installation of heat pumps, starting in April!

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