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NIBE PV is an integrated solution which is based on a fully modular system with the following basic sizes: 3.6 / 7.2kW, mounting parts and a suitable inverter with communication module, all of which are ready for installation. NIBE PV comprises of monocrystalline silicon cell panels which use PERC technology, with an output of 360 Wp. The solar panels are elegant, all-black panels. NIBE PV harnesses sunlight all year round and converts it into electricity. NIBE PV can be connected to your NIBE heat pump* for maximum energy efficiency. Thanks to smart technology, the product gives you control over your energy consumption and will be a key part of your connected home. The efficient control system automatically adjusts the indoor climate for maximum comfort, and you do nature a favour at the same time. * applies to systems which can be connected to NIBE myUplink.

Modular system

Flexible modular system with three basic system sizes which can be easily expanded


Elegant panels which use PERC technology for maximum efficiency

A part of your smart home

Connect to a NIBE heat pump for maximum energy efficiency

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Available Funding in the UK

The UK Government has set out some available funding for the installation of heat pumps, starting in April!

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