Store the energy in an accumulator tank from NIBE

NIBE VPB S200/S300

Hot water tank
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The NIBE VPB/VPBS S200/300 are efficient hot water tanks which is designed for connection to a heat pump, gas or oil boiler. The NIBE VPBS S300 can also be docked to solar panels. 

The NIBE VPB S200 and the ground source heat pump NIBE S1155 have a customised design, providing a stylish system solution with the option of concealed piping between the products. Thestorage tank has insulation made of polyurethane, which provides very good heat insulation.

The NIBE S Series is a natural part of your connected home. The smart technology adjusts the indoor climate automatically and gives you complete control from your phone or tablet. Achieving maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption, while doing nature a favour at the same time.


Efficient hot water tank designed for connection to a heat pump or other energy source.


Stylish design for customisation with a NIBE heat pump.

Minimal heat loss

Minimal heat loss with polyurethane insulation.

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Efficiency class water heating


Energy Labels (ELI) VPB S300 R
Energy Labels (ELI) VPBS S300 Cu
User and installer manual (CHB) NIBE VPB S200/S300 UK