Why Use a NIBE Pro Installer?
Ensuring your NIBE system is installed correctly so it can perform to its full potential.

Why use a Nibe pro insatller?

Why choose a NIBE Pro installer?

Once you’ve chosen the right NIBE system to meet your heating/ventilating needs, the next step is to ensure it is installed correctly so it can perform to its full potential. As a leading renewables manufacturer, NIBE understands the vital importance of quality installations, which is why we have built an extensive network of highly skilled, trusted installers across the country. Our NIBE Pro installers are fully trained and accredited to fit our products to the highest possible standards, so you can benefit from optimum results and full peace of mind. They are also MCS certified – an essential requirement to qualify for the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments. To find a local NIBE Pro installer near you visit ‘find a installer’.

NIBE Pro Installers: 

  • Have completed NIBE product training
  • Offer an extended warranty
  • Have experience fitting NIBE technology
  • Are MCS registered (essential requirement for RHI payments)
  • Are signed up to NIBE’s strict code of practice

Under NIBE’s code of practice installers must:

  • Perform professionally, competently and responsibly
  • Comply with all relevant UK regulations, standards and codes of practice
  • Install and commission all NIBE equipment in accordance with all NIBE’s procedures and installation manuals
  • Complete benchmark check lists for NIBE products
  • Fully demonstrate correct system operation and controls to customers
  • Register installations on NIBE’s website
  • Liaise directly with customers and respond to NIBE product enquiries in a quick and proficient manner
  • Keep fully up to date with NIBE’s product range as well as developments in the UK’s plumbing and heating industry