Aftersales FAQs

Aftersales FAQs

Aftersales FAQs

When will my NIBE product be delivered?

We keep our NIBE Pro installers up to date with all the latest delivery information, so please contact your installer if you would like an update.

How do I register my Warranty for my NIBE products?

All NIBE heat pumps need to be registered within 28 days of installation. Your NIBE warranty registration should have been carried out by your installer. However, if not you can register your products for a two-year warranty here. If your installation was carried out by a NIBE Pro installer, please ask them to register the product to access the extended warranty.

When your manufacturer's warranty for parts and labour cover comes to an end, one of NIBE's unique service plans can give you continued support. Please email to arrange this or you can do it after your warranty ends.

Product Operation FAQs

How do I make sure my controls are set up so my heat pump runs efficiently?

When setting your controls, consider the factors affecting heat pump performance. This includes the space heating and hot water demand of the house, and its level of insulation and airtightness. Open the thermostat radiator valves (TRVs) completely (except in rooms where you want it to be cooler). Partially or fully closed TRVs can increase the heat pumps energy consumption.

Please refer to your user manual if you require any further information- If you experience alarm texts from the heat pump, contact your installer.

Will setting the water temperature to economy rather than normal save me any money?

Selecting economy mode will be more economical as it produces less hot water than the other modes such as normal. This mode is better suited for smaller households with a small hot water requirement.

Can I connect an S-series heat pump to Uplink?

The newer S-series cannot be connected to the older Uplink platform. The new myUplink platform has an array of new and improved features in comparison to Uplink. All settings, including the away mode, can be found by navigating to “system” at the top menu and then selecting “menu”.

What do I do when my heat pump needs servicing or maintenance?

Our NIBE Pro installers provide your heat pump with an annual service. Annual servicing and regular checks ensure the heat pump and system are performing optimally, prevent any faults, and extend the life of the heat pump. They also ensure your free two-year warranty remains valid.

We recommend checking the heat pump between servicing, including clearing the front and the back of the heat from obstructions (leaves etc.), ensuring there are no visible leaks, and the system pressure is topped up. 

Can a filter be changed easily or does it have to be done by an engineer?

You can replace the filter yourself. However you may want to contact your installer or visit our find an installer page if you are not comfortable doing this.

You can buy your filter replacement directly from us here.