Lowering your heating bill

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Lowering your heating bill

With soaring energy bills and an ongoing cost of living crisis to navigate, many of us are looking for ways to reduce the cost of heating our homes. With winter around the corner, now is the time to start planning ahead and thinking of ways to make your home more energy efficient.

So, how can you save money on your heating bill? Let’s take a look at five simple tips you can take to significantly reduce your costs.

1. Switch off unused appliances 

Try to get in the habit of turning off any appliances that drain electricity even when they’re not being used. This applies to anything that sits on standby mode, such as chargers, televisions, games consoles, kettles, and ovens.  

By simply unplugging them or switching them off at the mains, you could save a considerable amount of money each year and stop using unnecessary energy. You could also think about buying timer plugs that you can schedule to go off when not in use.  

2. Monitor your usage 

By keeping an eye on your energy consumption levels, you can adjust your behaviour and try to stage on budget each month.  

One method of doing this is to install a smart meter, which will send meter readings to your energy supplier digitally and provide you with more accurate bills. It also allows you to track your energy usage in real time. 

If you have a heat pump installed, then you should find that it comes with smart technology that allows you to monitor your usage from your smartphone or tablet. 

3. Insulate your home properly 

There are many ways you can insulate your home effectively, all of which will help to reduce heat loss and thereby lower your heating bills. Even small fixes can lead to big savings! Some methods of insulation include: 

  • Insulating your hot water cylinder with a jacket 
  • Loft and roof insulation 
  • Cavity wall insulation 
  • Floor insulation 
  • Double-glazing your windows and doors 

4. Stop draughts  

Before you start thinking about how to address the loss of heat in your home because of draughts, it’s important to identify the problem areas.  

  • Windows – Ensuring your windows are double-glazed is the best way to reduce draught, but there are some methods you can use that won’t break the bank. Try draught-proofing strips for window frames, thicker curtains, or clingfilm across the window frame for a temporary solution.  
  • Doors – Wherever possible, you should always try to make sure that internal doors are kept shut. Draught excluders at the bottom of doors are also a great way of retaining heat in a room. Alternatively, draught-proofing strips can be used to fill any gaps around door frames. 
  • Floorboards – Make sure any gaps in your floorboards are filled using a silicone-based filler. The same applies to your skirting boards. 
  • Fireplaces – While a lot of homes have fireplaces, there are plenty of people that don’t use them. If you never light a fire, then why not block the chimney or fit a cap to the chimney pot? 

5. Install a heat pump 

The final tip, and possibly the most cost-effective long-term, is to install a heat pump in your home. Highly energy-efficient, this heating system is fast becoming the go-to sustainable climate solution for homeowners. 

The benefits associated with installing a heat pump are extensive, but arguably the biggest perk is its ability to significantly reduce your heating bill. While the upfront cost of installing a heat pump can be high (but there are several government grants that can help with this), you will find that your heating bill will be slashed in the long run.  

If you’re sitting there thinking that a heat pump will only add to your expensive electricity bill, then fear not, as the greater efficiency a heat pump provides offsets it.  

Interested in finding out more about how a heat pump can work for you? At NIBE, we have manufactured energy-efficient heat pumps for your home for decades. Combining renewable energy with new smart technology to offer effective solutions, we endeavour to create a more sustainable future.  

Take a look at our extensive range of heat pump products and start saving money on your heating bill today. 

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