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How to choose a heat pump installer

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How to choose a heat pump installer

Trying to find a reliable and trustworthy heat pump installer can be a bit of a minefield. Not only do you want a market-leading product that suits your home, but you also want to ensure your heat pump is installed correctly.

Selecting a heat pump installer with little experience or training could be fatal, impacting the system’s operational efficiency, longevity, running costs, and overall performance. Fortunately, we’ve collated some advice in this guide, so you know what to look for when choosing a heat pump installer. Read on to ensure you have the confidence to make the right decision and ensure your home is properly served by your heat pump.

Check if they’re MCS-accredited

The Microgeneration Scheme (MCS) defines, maintains, and improves quality by certifying low-carbon energy technologies and contractors. It’s an accredited scheme that ensures heat pump installers meet a certain standard and provide you with a quality service.

In some cases, an MCS-accredited company will design the heat pump system and supply it, before recommending another company to install it. If you choose a company that operates in this way, then make sure you’re happy with the installers they’ll eventually recommend. This is because the company is only responsible for the design of the system and the installers are liable for any issues with performance due to installation issues.

If you’ve applied for some funding schemes, such as the Renewable Heat Incentive or Energy Saving Trust Scotland Loan, your installer must be accredited for MCS purposes.

Make sure they’re a member of a consumer code

If you’ve chosen an MCS-accredited company then they should also tick this box and be a member of a consumer code. The two biggest and most reputable are the Home Insulation & Energy Systems Quality Assured Contractors Scheme and the Renewable Energy Consumer Code.

Not only do the codes give you certain rights if there are problems with an installation, but they also set standards for how heat pump systems are sold, such as ensuring no underhand sales techniques are used.

Are they using quality products?

Firstly, ensure you’re buying an MCS-accredited product. In doing so, this should guarantee a certain level of performance and peace of mind knowing you’re buying good quality products.

After all, the performance and longevity of a heat pump will depend on the quality of the system you invest in. You also want to ensure that the heat pump you’re recommended and eventually choose is well-suited to your property and individual heating/cooling needs.

Selecting an installer who sources their products from a reputable manufacturer is essential. Otherwise, no matter how good a job an installer does in setting up the heat pump, a poorly designed system will inevitably cause you problems further down the line.

Have they received specific training?

Not only is it important that your installer is experienced and fully trained, but it’s also vital that they've been trained by the manufacturer of the heat pump you’re having installed. A reputable supplier will ensure that installers have received training that offers system-specific knowledge, so they know everything about the heat pump they’re fitting.

Experienced heat pump installers can be hard to find and sometimes the training they’ve received can be a bit thin. This is largely because heat pumps are still a relatively new technology and proper training is constantly in development. Therefore, you need to make sure you choose an installer who’s ahead of the market and already performing at the top of their game.

Look at reviews and referrals

With so many different installers to choose from, and inconsistencies in terms of service performance, reviews are always a good way of separating the best from the rest. Conducting thorough research before you select an installer is an important step in selecting someone good, and customer reviews can help with this process. Websites like TrustPilot can also come in handy.

A referral from a relative or friend who has already had a heat pump installed can also go a long way. Look for installers that have the required certificates and accreditations, as well as registration with industry bodies.

Ask them the right questions

It’s always best to come prepared with some questions when choosing the right heat pump installer for you. Questions you may want to ask include:

  • Do they offer a heat survey and installation plan?
  • Are they MCS accredited?
  • How long have they been installing heat pumps?
  • Have they worked with the system you want installed?
  • Do they have a showroom of products you can see in person?
  • Do they have any customer references or testimonials?
  • Do they offer good customer support?

Excellent customer service and support before, during, and after installation is vital. If something goes wrong with the installation, you want a company that offers continuous support and is responsive. Always make sure you ask about a warranty or guarantee before installation, so you know you’ll be covered in the event of something going wrong.

Choose a heat pump installer with NIBE

When choosing a heat pump installer, it’s essential you consider everything we’ve listed in this article to ensure your system has been installed correctly and runs at maximum efficiency.

Another important consideration is the heat pump manufacturer, as finding a high-quality, long-lasting, and high-performing system can be challenging.

This is where NIBE steps in, as we tick both of these boxes. Our industry-leading and highly efficient heat pumps equip installers with the best heat pumps in the business, so you can rest assured knowing you’re buying quality.

Our NIBE Pro Installer initiative guarantees that we only distribute our products through our trained and accredited installer network throughout the UK. This ensures that all NIBE products are correctly installed and commissioned, while also being serviced and maintained by fully accredited professionals. Our installers are:

  • MCS certified
  • Able to offer extended warranties
  • Experienced fitting NIBE technology

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