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NIBE’s heat pumps deliver maximum comfort with minimal energy consumption
  • Ground source heat pumps
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Ground source heat pumps


NIBE S1255 is an intelligent, inverter-controlled ground source heat pump with integrated water heater. NIBE S1255 provides optimum savings since the heat pump always performs efficiently and automatically adapts to your home’s heating demand all year round. With integrated wifi, the S Series is a natural part of your connected home. Smart technology adjusts the indoor climate automatically while you’re in complete control from your phone or tablet. Giving maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption, while doing nature a favour at the same time


Ground source heat pumps


The NIBE S1155 is an intelligent, inverter-controlled ground source heat pump without an integrated hot water tank, making it easy to install in properties with lower ceilings. A separate hot water tank is selected according to hot water requirements. The NIBE S1155 provides optimum savings as the heat pump automatically adjusts to your home’s heating demands. The NIBE S1155 has a high seasonal performance factor, resulting in minimal operating costs.




NIBE S2125 is an intelligent, inverter-controlled air/water pump. With NIBE indoor modules, it forms a very efficient climate system for your home. NIBE S2125 provides optimised savings as it automatically adapts to your home’s output requirements all year around.




The NIBE SMO S40 gives optimised control of the climate system and is designed to be combined with NIBE air/water heat pumps to provide an integrated climate system for homes and properties. The NIBE SMO S40 offers maximum flexibility when it comes to system solutions. The control module can be connected to components such as a water heater, additional heat sources and other accessories specific to a customised installation. Up to eight NIBE air/water heat pumps can be connected to a control system.



VVM S320

The NIBE VVM S320 is designed for combination with any NIBE air/water heat pump to create a highly efficient climate system for your home. The NIBE VVM S320 has a smart, user-friendly control system which provides efficient heating/cooling and hot water with high performance. The NIBE VVM S320 is ready for installation since the water heater, electric additional heat, self-regulating circulation pump, filling valve, manometer, safety valve and expansion vessel are included. With integrated wifi, the S Series is a natural part of your connected home.



Smart home/technology

The S-series offers you products filled with smart technology that quickly becomes a natural part of your smart home. Thanks to wifi-connection, it’s possible to control the S-series directly from your smartphone and you can run diagnostics remotely. S-series has support for voice assistants and as a result of the connected operating system in S-series, all processes run smoothly.

Maximal comfort

You can control your energy consumption by supervising your hot water temperature and heating temperature wherever you are. By processing the weather forecast beforehand, the S-series can always offer you the perfect indoor climate. To achieve maximal comfort and minimal energy consumption, S-series simply adapts the temperature around your daily routines. The series offers a new and sleek design with a door you can push to open.

Sustainable technology

The new S-series from NIBE has a user friendly interface for optimal flexibility. You can choose between controlling your heat pump through the wifi-connection or directly on the touchscreen. The connected operating system makes the process easier for both you and your installer.


myUplink is the optimal way of controlling your NIBE S-series heat pump, directly from your smartphone. When you’re connected, you can load real time data, adjust your settings, and supervise your installation process regardless of where you are. It has never been easier to install and maintain a heat pump. With myUplink you can also update the software in order to have a smoother user experience for both you and your installer. By connecting to the free of charge web service IFTTT, you can fully utilise your smart heat pump

Connected and relaxed for a smarter future

NIBE ground source heating

Åsa and Matthias lives with their three kids surrounded by green pastures and wonderful nature. Fifteen years after they moved into their 70’s house they’ve taken the step up to NIBE’s top series. The new ground heat pump NIBE S1255. An innovation that harnesses the forces of nature and creates a perfect indoor climate.

For about a year the family has been acting as test pilots for NIBE’s newly developed and connected S series with the ground heat pump NIBE S1255-12.

”It is an incredibly quiet machine beyond it being very energy efficient. Our previous heat pump was noisy pretty much all the time. But the new one is so quiet you can’t even hear it during a cold and windy winters day when the system is giving full power. The heat pump is also connected now, which makes it much easier to operate. It feels smarter in every way.” Matthias tells us.

Soon Åsa and Matthias are planning to add two other functions that will increase their energy efficiency and comfort even further, NIBE’s ”weather control” and ”Smart Price Adaption”. Something that’s easily achieved with the heat pump’s wifi connection and built-in functions.

”These are new smart functions that improves our indoor climate as well as our energy efficiency. The smart heat pump is more proactive if it KNOWS when a change in weather is coming and has a chance to prepare for it. By also installing a ”rumsgivare” my system has become even smarter and can handle change in weather, windy days and the thermic inertia of the house even more efficiently. It is also smarter to stock up on heat when the electricity is cheaper, with Smart Price Adaption. Both of these functions is something I thought was sci fi just a couple of years ago.” Matthias says