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Ground source heat pump

Harness the grounds natural energy with a ground source heat pump from NIBE

Ground source heat pump is a sustainable investment

With NIBE ground source heat pump, you provide your home with both heat, hot water and cooling for many years to come. Then you can both get a pleasant indoor climate regardless of the weather and a low energy cost - while doing the environment a favor.

Ground source heat pump that makes life easy

Our intelligent, connected heat pumps in the S series can make life easy. You can be part of the connected society and at the same time maintain focus on the important things in life. The myUplink app, weather forecast control and voice control are some examples of things that make life easier, greener and more beautiful. Wherever you are.

FAQ about ground source heat pumps

Why choose a ground source heat pump from NIBE?

High performance, safe operation and the possibility of big savings for you and the environment. A NIBE ground source heat pump guarantees a long and worry-free ownership.

Although geothermal heat pumps are generally energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, they are a big investment. Therefore, it pays to be careful in the choice of model, performance and price - and not least in the choice of supplier. NIBE is a Swedish company with long traditions that values quality and puts your safety first.

40 years of experience

NIBE has an almost 40-year history of manufacturing heat pump solutions that combine renewable energy with advanced technology - with high performance, safe operation and the possibility of great savings, both for you and the environment.

NIBE also has more than 10 years of experience in market-leading inverter technology, a technology that helps you lower your energy costs by adapting the heat pump to the existing borehole, the conditions of the house and your needs. The inverter technology also means that the heat pump switches on and off less often, which provides smoother operation with better comfort and lower energy consumption.

välja värmepump från nibe

Made in Sweden for tough climate

NIBE's geothermal heat pumps are designed and manufactured in Sweden with high demands on quality and durability at all levels. This means, among other things, that they are adapted to the challenges of the Nordic climate, shorter transports, long worry-free ownership and less climate impact.

Connected for best operation and savings

Most of NIBE's ground source heat pumps are online connected, fixed or wireless depending on the model, and have built-in smartness. It has many advantages, for example that the heat pump automatically adjusts the temperature according to your heating needs so that you get high comfort and low energy consumption. The heat pump also learns your consumption pattern of hot water to save energy.

If you have wireless connected heat pump in the new NIBE S series, new possibilities open up. Then the heat pump can contact your mobile phone if something happens. We can continuously send out the latest software for your heat pump so that you have the best operation and energy consumption. You can get control over hot water and indoor climate from the mobile phone and thus the opportunity to lower energy costs more without affecting comfort.

nibe värmepump myUplink

What to consider before installing ground source heat pump?

When installing ground source heat pump, it is important that the dimensions are correct, and that why you need a help of an experienced installer. It pays to be careful and choose the geothermal heat pump that best suits your needs and house.

The installer will help you find the best possible location for the device. Regardless of the type of heat pump involved, the unit is roughly the same size. Then you need some additional space for the installation of pipes, ducts, electricity and any accessories. Also remember to leave a free space in front of the heat pump and some extra space between the wall or other machines and interior details.

If you have not had geothermal heat in the house before, you need to drill or dig, and the costs for that are governed by the nature of the plot. You also need to have a water-borne heating system and electricity to run the geothermal heat pump.

When it comes to drilling, it is important that it is carried out by a professional drilling contractor. The depth of the borehole is determined by the level of the bedrock and the power requirements the hole must meet and must therefore not be undermentioned. The drilling usually takes a few days and in the vast majority of cases there will be no impact on the garden.

Why should I choose inverter technology?

It means that the heat pump can adapt the heat to the conditions of the house and your needs, thereby reducing your energy costs and increasing your comfort. Together with a special function called coolant control, an inverter-controlled heat pump can adapt and optimize operation to utilize the capacity of the existing borehole (or geothermal coils).

How much does it cost to install a geothermal heat pump?

Ground source heat pumps are available in different price ranges and with different performances. In addition, there are costs that depend on the conditions of the house and plot as well as your needs. With NIBE, you can get everything from a standard heat pump to premium models and digital services. In addition, there is a labor cost for the installation or replacement, as well as digging or drilling.

The best thing is to book a home visit with one of our installers near you and get a quote based on your heating and hot water needs and the conditions of the house.

Contact our NIBE Partners for your questions and concerns and we will help you find a good solution for your house.

Advantages of choosing a heat pump from us


Our heat pumps use the power of nature to provide a low environmental impact. They are designed to give you an energy-efficient everyday life for many years to come. With the S series, you can reduce energy consumption even more, without sacrificing comfort. All so that you can get cheaper, greener and nicer heat.


Having NIBE as a supplier means great security. We are a Swedish company that has manufactured sustainable climate solutions for almost 70 years. This means products that are adapted to the challenges of the Nordic climate.


We have knowledgeable NIBE partners and installers in different EU countries who can help you make a quick and smooth heat pump change, regardless of the previous make. Do you want to know more and get in touch with a partner in your country. Our experts answer your questions and help you further.