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When should I choose a ground source heat pump?

In order to make use of the solar energy stored in the ground with a heat pump, you need a plot of land that is suitable for digging and laying ground coils horizontally, also known as ground heating, or rocks to drill into to lay pipes vertically, which is usually called rock heating .

Which method is best depends on how your plot is laid out, which heating system you already have and how big your and the house's energy needs are. If you need to cool down on hot summer days, there are also affordable accessories for cooling.

A ground source heat pump is suitable for those who want a heating and hot water solution with these advantages:

  • low energy consumption
  • low operating cost
  • high operational reliability
  • long lifespan
  • environmentally friendly
  • easy to maintain

If you change from a conventional heat source to a ground source heat pump, it can give you an energy saving of up to 75 percent of your purchased energy.