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Why choose a ground source heat pump from NIBE?

High performance, safe operation and the possibility of big savings for you and the environment. A NIBE ground source heat pump guarantees a long and worry-free ownership.

Although geothermal heat pumps are generally energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, they are a big investment. Therefore, it pays to be careful in the choice of model, performance and price - and not least in the choice of supplier. NIBE is a Swedish company with long traditions that values quality and puts your safety first.

40 years of experience

NIBE has an almost 40-year history of manufacturing heat pump solutions that combine renewable energy with advanced technology - with high performance, safe operation and the possibility of great savings, both for you and the environment.

NIBE also has more than 10 years of experience in market-leading inverter technology, a technology that helps you lower your energy costs by adapting the heat pump to the existing borehole, the conditions of the house and your needs. The inverter technology also means that the heat pump switches on and off less often, which provides smoother operation with better comfort and lower energy consumption.

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Made in Sweden for tough climate

NIBE's geothermal heat pumps are designed and manufactured in Sweden with high demands on quality and durability at all levels. This means, among other things, that they are adapted to the challenges of the Nordic climate, shorter transports, long worry-free ownership and less climate impact.

Connected for best operation and savings

Most of NIBE's ground source heat pumps are online connected, fixed or wireless depending on the model, and have built-in smartness. It has many advantages, for example that the heat pump automatically adjusts the temperature according to your heating needs so that you get high comfort and low energy consumption. The heat pump also learns your consumption pattern of hot water to save energy.

If you have wireless connected heat pump in the new NIBE S series, new possibilities open up. Then the heat pump can contact your mobile phone if something happens. We can continuously send out the latest software for your heat pump so that you have the best operation and energy consumption. You can get control over hot water and indoor climate from the mobile phone and thus the opportunity to lower energy costs more without affecting comfort.

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