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How Air/Water heat pump works

How air/water heat pump works

How air/water heat pump works

Have you ever wondered how you can use air to heat your home? An air/water heat pump can concentrate the heat energy in the outside air enough to be able to heat the water, both in showers and radiators.

The outside air is drawn into the heat pump and meets a closed system. The system contains a refrigerant with the ability to become a gas at a very low temperature. The temperature of the gaseous refrigerant is raised significantly with a compressor under high pressure. Via a condenser, the heat is released to the house's heating system, while the refrigerant returns to liquid form - ready to become a gas again and ready to collect new heat energy.

New possibilities - for you and the environment

The principle of air/water heating is simple, but over the years we have developed the technology to produce more and more advanced products. Installation and use of our heat pumps has also become easier. In principle, they take care of themselves from year to year. Our products are reliable, so you can make the environment a favor.

Heat your home with free air

Heat pump technology is based on a very simple, well-known principle – the same one used in conventional refrigerators. By extracting thermal energy from the outside air, even at lower temperatures, the NIBE air heat pump can provide your home with heating and hot water.

The process can also be modified to provide cooling during the summer months.

The NIBE air source system consists of an outdoor module combined with an indoor or control module. They work together to create a complete air conditioning system that is easy to install, operate and maintain. This system is compatible with other energy sources and you can easily install additional features such as ventilation and pool heating.

how air source heat pump works


Our air source heat pumps use the power of nature to give a low environmental impact. They’re designed to save energy for you without compromising on comfort. Together with an S-series indoor module, they automatically adjust your heating according to your habits and the weather forecast.

Everything to give you cheaper, greener and more comfortable
heating, now and in the future

Peace of Mind

Having NIBE as your supplier ensures you great peace of mind. We’re a Swedish company that’s been manufacturing sustainable climate solutions for 70 years. This means our products have been adapted to the challenges of the Nordic climate.


We have expert NIBE Pro installers and Partners all over the Europe who can help you to make a quick and smooth decision regarding purchasing a NIBE heat pump. If you would like to know more and get in touch with NIBE partner near you.

Our experts will answer your questions and give you all the help you need.

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