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NB Image Text Panel

Image and text ratio

This module consists of two columns with one image/video column and one text column in either a 50:50 or a 70:30 aspect ratio where the 50:50 ratio has square columns and the 70:30 ration has rectangular columns where the image is placed in the widest column. When using an image both aspect ratio options are available. When using a Vimeo video only the 70:30 aspect ratio is available.


The text column has support for a heading, optional one or two paragraphs of text, an internal or external text-link and one bullet- or numbered list with optional number of list items.


Choose between using image or Vimeo video in the media area of the module.

A Vimeo Pro plan is needed to be able to brand the video player and customize the video privacy settings.

Media position

It's possible to "flip" the module and to have the media shown either in the left or right column.

Image fit

Standard setting is "cover" which makes the image cover the entire container it lives in. The image automatically fits the width of the container and, if too large, is cropped by the container width or height limit. The focus of the image is always centered in the container.

It's also possible to choose the setting "contain" which forces the entire image to fit within the image container, centered and with some margin to all four sides of the container. This option is suitable for cut out images, like for example product images, magazine covers etcetera.


The streamer option is available only when using an image in the media column and is activated by entering a text of up 8 characters in length including spaces and, if activated, will be visible in the top right corner of the media column. Background color will honor selected color theme.

Color theme

A selected color theme is required and the choice between Blue or Green is given and will affect the color of headings and the horizontal ruler below them, background and optional links.

Background color

On or Off option is given where On follows selected color theme and Off makes the background color transparent while all other content follows selected color theme.

Example 1: The image is 70:30. The image thus takes up 70% of the page and the text 30% You can choose to have the image on the left or right. And add a link. 

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Example 2: The module in 50:50 format. The image thus takes up 50% of the page and the text 50% You can choose to have the image on the left or right, and add a link.


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