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The NIBE S135 is an exhaust air module designed for docking to a NIBE air/water heat pump and a NIBE VVM indoor module or NIBE SMO control module. The NIBE S135 uses the heat that is found in the house’s ventilation air to heat the house and hot water, at the same time as ventilating the house. In installations with cooling, hot water and cooling can be produced at the same time.

The exhaust air module provides an improved seasonal performance factor and has a low noise level and high ventilation capacity. The NIBE S135 is easy to control through the heat pump’s indoor module.

The NIBE S Series is a natural part of your connected home. Smart technology adjusts the indoor climate automatically while you’re in complete control from your phone or tablet. Giving maximum comfort and minimum energy consumption, while doing nature a favour at the same time.

Indoor comfort

Heating, hot water, cooling and ventilation in one system

Smart home

In combination with a NIBE S Series indoor- or control module – a part of your energy-saving smart home.


Improves your seasonal performance factor combined with a NIBE air/water heat pump.

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