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NIBE GV-HR 130-250

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NIBE GV-HR are heat recovery ventilation units equipped with counter flow heat exchangers with a temperature efficiency of up to 92%. NIBE GV-HR 130-250 is for ceilings.NIBE GV-HR are delivered with counter flow heat exchanger, energy saving fans, EC motors, supply air filter, exhaust air side filter and is complete with a control system with a user-friendly control panel.The elegant display shows instructions, settings and operating information. You navigate easily in the menu, setting the ventilation or getting other information.


Heat recovery ventilation unit with integrated by-pass function and low noise level.


Simple care and service.


Easy to control from the stylish supplied display.

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NIBE GV-HR 130-250

NIBE EAH 21-900

In cold weather, EAH 21-900 heats the incoming outdoor air slightly to prevent the condensation from freezing. Used mainly in colder climates

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