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The NIBE VPA/VPAS is a double jacket hot water tank and accumulator tank with a large water tank which is primarily designed for connection to heat pumps or other heat sources. The NIBE VPA/VPAS has a copper or enamel corrosion-resistant coating. The NIBE VPA/VPAS can handle temperatures of up to 90°C and is equipped with a socket for an immersion heater as well as a temp sensor tube. The environmentally-friendly, efficient insulation provides the tank with very low energy loss. The insulation is detachable to facilitate installation. The NIBE VPAS in size 300/450 has a copper finned coil of 2.3 m² for connection of up to 15 m² solar panels. The NIBE VPA is available in three sizes; 200/70, 300/200 and 450/300.

Efficient hot water

Developed for connection to a heat pump or other energy source

Can be connected to immersion heater

Equipped with socket for immersion heater and temp sensor tube

Low energy loss

Environmentally-friendly, detachable insulation

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NIBE VPA 200/70
NIBE VPA 300/200 Cu
NIBE VPA 450/300 Cu
NIBE VPAS 300/450 Cu
NIBE VPA 450/300 E
NIBE VPA 300/200 E
NIBE VPAS 300/450 E

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Product catalogue Product Range
Energy Labels VPA 300-200
Energy Labels VPA300-200-Cu
Energy Labels VPA300-200-E
Energy Labels VPA 200-70
User and installer manual 300/200 ( sv ),, ( de ), ( nl )
User and installer manual VPAS 300/450 ( sv ),, ( nl ), ( ro )
User and installer manual 450/300 ( sv ),, ( nl )
User and installer manual 200/70, ( nl ), ( sv )