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NIBE PV is an integrated solution which is based on a fully modular system with several basic sizes: 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 kW. Each basic package has nominal power of 4 kW and consists of 10 panels, mounting parts and an inverter with communication module, all of which are ready for installation. The solar package can easily be expanded with additional solar panels for optimum use of roof space.

NIBE PV comprises of monocrystalline silicon cell panels which use PERC technology, with an output of 400 Wp. The solar panels are elegant, all-black panels. NIBE PV harnesses sunlight all year round and converts it into electricity. NIBE PV can be connected to your NIBE heat pump* for maximum energy efficiency.

Thanks to smart technology, the product gives you control over your energy consumption and will be a key part of your connected home. The efficient control system automatically adjusts the indoor climate for maximum comfort, and you do nature a favour at the same time. * applies to systems which can be connected to NIBE Uplink and myUplink.

A part of your smart home

Connect to your NIBE heat pump and adjust their operation according to the sun's intensity with NIBE Uplink/myUplink.

All black

Black monocrystalline silicon cell panels using PERC half-cell technology with 400 Wp output.

Climate smart

When you produce your own solar electricity from solar panels, you locally produce emissions-free renewable energy and avoid having to worry about rising electricity prices.

Modular system

With several different basic outputs: 4 / 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 kW. Supplement with additional solar panels for optimum use of roof space.


The solar panel has bypass diodes and is split into six fields. If part of the panel is in shade the affected fields will be disconnected while the remainder of the panel will generate energy as usual.

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Combine with your NIBE heat pump

Together with a NIBE heat pump, you get a high dividend on your solar package on an annual basis. NIBE's solar power and NIBE's heat pump in combination give you a high return on your energy system. Many times the energy consumption of the heat pump is halved or even neutralized. NIBE PV is connected to your NIBE heat pump via a supplied communication module which in turn can be connected to myUplink/NIBE Uplink. This system solution means that the inverter's information is displayed in the heat pump. Thanks to smart technology, the system solution gives you control over your energy use via NIBE Uplink and becomes part of the connected home. With the heat pump's efficient control system and smart communication, the heat pump can adapt to the generated free solar electricity that is produced. In a battery-like way, the part that becomes surplus is reduced or increased and sent on to the electricity grid for use in the neighborhood. When you produce your own solar electricity from solar cells, you produce renewable energy without any emissions, while you don't have to worry about rising electricity prices.

NIBE Smart Price Adaption

With Smart Price Adaption, the heat pump receives information about the electricity prices for the next 24 hours and then adapts the operation to these. The function is based on information about the hourly prices of the coming day from the electricity exchange NordPool Spot. The prices in combination with expected heating and hot water needs then automatically control the heat pump. This is in order to reduce energy costs and which in the long run contributes to a smaller environmental impact.

NIBE Uplink/myUplink

With NIBE Uplink/myUplink and the internet, you get a quick overview and current status of the heating and heat pump in your property. You get a clear and good base where you can follow and control the heat and hot water comfort. In the event of a possible malfunction, you will also receive an alarm directly in the email, which gives the opportunity for quick countermeasures. With NIBE Uplink/myUplink, you can control the comfort in your property - where you want and when you want. We call that NIBE freedom.

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