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Heat exchanger package
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The NIBE TAPPMAN is a heat exchanger package containing a circulator pump, flow monitor, stainless steel heat exchanger and particle filter. The NIBE TAPPMAN is designed for connection to an existing waterborne energy source for production of domestic hot water. The water volume is 1.5 litres. The weight of the water dispenser is 12 kg. The design is approved for maximum operating pressure of 10 bar. The NIBE TAPPMAN can be connected to a boiler and must then be connected to the boiler’s hot water outlet. The NIBE TAPPMAN can be mounted on the boiler or on the wall using the two mounting holes on the back of the product.

All-in-one heat exchanger package

Circulator pump, flow monitor, heat exchanger and particle filter included

Connected to existing energy source

Connected to an existing waterborne system for production of domestic hot water

Easy installation and mounting

Mounted on the boiler or the wall

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