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Hot water tank
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NIBE MT-WH21 produce hot water for a household by recycling up to 70% of the energy from the air. At the same time, you can get rid of humidity from the bathroom or kitchen, resulting in cleaner air and a better indoor climate. </br> </br>NIBE MT-WH21-019-F and MT-WH21-019-FS tested Best in Class with an outstanding COP of 3.57*. </br> </br>You can adjust MT-WH21-019-F or 026-F to cater exactly for your specific needs. The many options include combining it with solar heating (MT-WH21-019-FS/MT-WH-026-FS) or floor heating, or using it as a cooling agent in summer. You can access all the main operational modes, functions, set points, and information on the unit from home. The control panel is user-friendly, and the settings include operational modes such as AUTO, ECO, BOOST, SILENT and HOLIDAY. </br> </br>*At air 7°C and water 10-53.5°C (EN 16147)

High efficiency

With a COP (EN16147) of 3.57 (at Air 7 °C and Water 10-52.9 °C)

Energy recycled from the air

Up to as much as 70 % of the heat energy required to warm up water for a household can be recycled from the air. Can use outdoor air, ambient air or exhaust air as energy source

Easy to install

For example in the basement or utility room

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NIBE MT-WH21-019-F
NIBE MT-WH21-026-F
NIBE MT-WH21-026-F Stainl. N/F

Height (mm)


Net weight (kg)


Efficiency class water heating


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Installer manual (IHB)
Installer manual (IHB) ( it )
Installer manual (IHB)
Energy Labels (ELI) MT-WH21-019-F
Energy Labels (ELI) MT-WH21-019-FS
Energy Labels (ELI) MT-WH21-026-F
Energy Labels (ELI) MT-WH21-026-FS
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