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How does an exhaust air heat pump work?

Slightly simplified, an exhaust air heat pump works like this:

The heat pump's fan sucks ventilation air out of all the wet spaces in your house, a weak negative pressure is formed which means that air from other rooms also finds its way to the wet spaces. Fresh outside air is drawn in through the vents on the outer walls and in this way all rooms in the house are ventilated.

The heated room air is led to the heat pump where the energy in the air is recovered and in this way the exhaust air heat pump can supply the entire house with hot water and heat.

New building regulations in the 80s

The modern construction technology with denser and more efficient houses led to new building regulations in the 80s with requirements for controlled ventilation and increased energy efficiency. The purpose was to ensure the well-being of both the houses and the people.

The technology involves first ventilating the house and then returning the thermal energy of the ventilation air to heat the hot water and the heating system. An exhaust air heat pump thus reuses energy from old used ventilation air. According to building requirements, your indoor air must be replaced every two hours.

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