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Upgrade the home feel with new wireless accessories

Cool bedrooms in the evening, dry air in the basement and freshly brewed coffee at the same time every morning. These are just a few examples of what the new smart accessories can help you with – if you have a heat pump in the new S series!

With the new wireless accessories, it will be even easier to adapt the indoor comfort – i.e. the temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide content – and energy consumption to your needs. But what joy or benefit do you really get from it? 

Upgrade the feeling of home with wireless accessories from NIBE

Not too hot and not too cold

The wireless temperature and humidity sensor complements or replaces the traditional wired room sensor. When connected to the heat pump, it can control a climate system (ECS 40/41) and thus help maintain the right temperature and humidity, not too hot and not too cold - and not too high humidity. The sensor can also be placed in other places to provide information about that location's temperature and moisture content in the mobile phone. 1. THS 10 wireless temperature and humidity sensor

Save energy when no one is home 

This sensor can detect the carbon dioxide level if you are not at home. It then reduces the ventilation to a basic level and increases again to the default setting when someone is home, which saves energy without affecting comfort. 2. CDS 10 wireless CO2, temperature and humidity sensor

Better indoor air at the party 

A lot of people in a small area usually results in poorer air quality. With this wireless sensor, you can read and keep track of the level. If you have a heat pump with a ventilation unit (for example NIBE FLM), the heat pump automatically ensures that the appropriate carbon dioxide level is maintained. 2. CDS 10 wireless CO2, temperature and humidity sensor

Extra hot water for the morning bath

Having a low hot water consumption every day saves energy, but sometimes you might want to take a relaxing bath. With this accessory, you can, among other things, request more hot water a while before by keying it in on the room thermostat's display. Here you can also increase ventilation and activate home/away mode. The room thermostat is compact and easy to place and has a rechargeable battery. 3. ROT 10 wireless room thermostat

Cool bedrooms in the evening

Do you sleep well in a slightly lower temperature? Then it is good to use the scheduling function in the heat pump and set a lower temperature for a climate system, for example the one upstairs between 9 in the evening and 8 in the morning. On the room thermostat's display, you can then check the temperature and change it whenever you want, but with a certain delay depending on the conditions of the house. 3. ROT 10 wireless room thermostat

Wake up to freshly brewed coffee every morning

This repeater also acts as a power switch and can be scheduled. When it is connected to the heat pump, you can activate the scheduling function in the heat pump's display and, for example, request that the coffee maker start at the same time every morning. Via myUplink, you can then go in manually and change the time or start the coffee maker when you wish. 4. RPP 10 repeater

Control the heat pump from the hall 

If you want to be close to the heat pump and many of the setting options, you can set up this room unit on a suitable wall. It has a touchscreen display, from which you can easily control and monitor the entire house's heating system – even the pool! 5. RMU S40 wireless/wired room unit

Upgrade the feeling of home with wireless accessories from NIBE

"It feels safe that the house is doing well.”

Arne Gustavsson is customer service manager at NIBE and has been testing the new wireless accessories for six months. He lives in Halmstad in a house built in 1909 that is heated with radiators and in an extension he has a living room with underfloor heating. 

What kind of heating system do you have? 

A ground source heat pump NIBE S1155-12 with associated VPB 200, an additional climate system for underfloor heating NIBE ECS 40 and a PCS 44 to control the free cooling.

What accessories do you have and what good do they do? 

THS 10 (temperature and humidity sensor) in the basement to monitor the humidity. If the humidity rises, I know that the dehumidifier is not working as it should.

RMU S40 (room unit) to be able to monitor and adjust the temperature in the living room which is in the extension, the one with the underfloor heating (separate climate system with ECS 40). Here I can also see what temperature it is outside.

THS 10 (temperature and humidity sensor) in two of the bedrooms where I have free cooling (PCS 44) to keep track of the temperature and be able to stay cool in the summer.

CDS 10 (carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity sensor) in the third bedroom. I want to see how high the carbon dioxide content will be, it may be that I need another supply air valve to get better air quality. I have no control of the ventilation in the house so I can only monitor the ventilation, not control it.

ROT 10 (room thermostat) in the old living room that can control the supply temperature in the radiators so that it doesn't get unnecessarily hot when I fire in the stove.

Do you use the myUplink app? 

Yes, I want to be able to monitor and control remotely, from work or when I'm travelling. And then I like to see the history and different values in real time, for example how many degrees there are in the borehole.

How was it to get started? 

No weirdness. I connected the accessories with the heat pump, named the climate systems, mounted the accessories in the house and then - done!

What's the best thing about the new accessories?

That it feels safe, I know that the house is prosperous and that it is healthy for us who live there.

Contact your local installer or visit to purchase the smart accessories.

Good to think about

  • To connect them to the heat pump: First make sure the latest software update is done. Then connect the accessory to the heat pump and do so near the heat pump.
  • Place the accessory on a wall approx. 1.20 up from the floor, not in direct sunlight.
  • If the signal between the heat pump and the accessory is weak, the wireless repeater RPP 10 is recommended.
  • All accessories work without myUplink because you can make the settings in the heat pump's display.
  • To monitor the indoor climate from your mobile phone, you need to connect the heat pump to myUplink.
  • To control the indoor climate from the mobile, a myUplink Premium subscription is needed.