Start Decarbonisation of the European heating sector
Söderåsens nationalpark

Decarbonisation of the European heating sector

Sweden as a role model for how heat pumps could pave the way and RePowerEU

In the heart of Stockholm the conference Decarbonisation of the European Sector was held on May the 26th . The event is of common interest as IEA and European Union has identified heat pumps as a key technology to RePower EU and to decarbonise the heating sector. Leading policy makers, researchers and industry representatives presented how Sweden decarbonised the heating sector in two decades and their views on the present status and opportunities for heat pumps. Together, we enable tomorrow's sustainable energy solutions. 

Organised by RISE, the Swedish National Museum of Science & Technology, The Royal Institute of Technology and NIBE

Below you will find recordings of all the presentations.

Ebba Busch

Swedish Minister for Energy, Business and Industry and Deputy Prime Minister

Laura Cozzi

Director of Sustainability, Technology & Outlooks IEAT – "The Future of Heat Pumps"

Mechthild Wörsdörfer

Deputy Director-General – "RePowerEU"

Rémy Kolessar

Director Research & Innovation Swedish Energy Agency

Martin Forsén

President European Heat Pump Association

Caroline Haglund Stignor

RISE – "Innovation Infrastructure Enabling Market Transformation"

Bengt Sandström

Higher Vocational Education Heta Utbildningar

Upgrading Skills – Installation Capacity

Carlos Lopes

Swedish Energy Agency – "Public Energy Counseling – Rising Technology Awareness"

Ciarán Cuffe

Member of The European Parliament – "Energy Performance of Buildings"

Dr Marek Miara

Fraunhofer Institute – "Real life performance of heat pumps – Overview of results from European field trials"

Björn Palm

Professor Royal Institute of Technology – "Technology Status and The Importance of Research"

Monica Axell

General Manager Heat Pump Centre – "Technology Collaboration on Heat Pumping Technologies by IEA - How to benefit from global collaboration"

Frédéric Fontan

Electricité de France – "The Lights Will Stay On"

Lennart Söder

Professor Royal Institute of Technology – "The Potential for Demand Side Flexibility offered by Smart Heat pumps"

Helen Carlström

EON – "The Fifth Generation of District Heating - ECTOGRID"

Gerteric Lindquist

CEO NIBE Industrier AB – "Closing remarks"