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NB Responsive Table

Table data

You are presented with a standard 3-column 2-row table template which can be modified to your liking. Use the tools to add, remove or move columns and rows freely to fit your needs.

Moving rows and columns is accomplished by grabbing corresponding cross-hair tool - then drag'n drop.

Edit cell-content by clicking desired cell, then add title, choose text alignment, format and, URL to web page or file. Text alignment can be set by column or cell.


Table can also be populated by importing excel data if desired aswell as exported in Excel-format per table.

Table options

There is an option to show/hide table headers as needed. These are shown by default and will have a background color related to selected color theme (green or blue).

There's also an option to add footer text that, if used, will show right below the table.

Choose a titleChoose a titleChoose a title
Write something in your columnWrite something in your columnWrite something in your column
Apply a linkApply a linkApply a link
Excel doc