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Hot water tank
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The NIBE VPA/VPAS range are particularly suited to high capacity heat pumps such as the NIBE F1345. The NIBE VPAS has an integrated solar hot water coil.

Efficient hot water

Domestic hot water cylinder for high capacity heat pumps


Stylish design for customisation with a NIBE heat pump.

Can be connected in parallel

All models are designed for buildings with large hot water requirements.

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NIBE VPA 300/200 Cu
NIBE VPA 450/300 Cu
NIBE VPAS 300/450 Cu
NIBE VPA 450/300 E
NIBE VPA 300/200 E
NIBE VPAS 300/450 E

Height (mm)


Net weight (kg)


Efficiency class water heating


Volume water heater (l)


Energy Labels VPA 300/200 Cu
Energy Labels VPA 300-200-Cu
Energy Labels VPA 300-200
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Available Funding in the UK

The UK Government has set out some available funding for the installation of heat pumps, starting in April!

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