Blygold Protection
Extra Protection for your NIBE Air Source Heap Pump

Extra Protection for your NIBE Air Source Heat Pump

Corrosion can be a cause of early deterioration in heat exchanger coils, traditionally the most vulnerable part of air source heat pumps. Corrosion can cause an eventual decrease in capacity and consequent increase in energy consumption.

Blygold PolAl XT coating provides a long-lasting corrosion protection without affecting heat transfer and pressure drop. The heat conductive pigmentation in the coating is oriented in such a way that it creates a very high chemical resistance at a low layer thickness. The PoluAl XT is the best available option to prevent heat pump failure and unnecessary energy consumption in coastal (high salts), urban (traffic emissions), industrial (Pollutants) and isolated agricultural (Fertilisers etc) areas.

NIBE can provide Blygold protective coatings for the F2040 Air Source Heat Pump range and it is a condition of the product warranty for installations in coastal environments where the F2040 Heat Pump is installed within 1 kilometre of the coast.