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After May 2018, all new Domestic RHI applications for heat pumps are required to have an electricity meter arrangement that measures the electricity consumed by the Heat Pump.


EM271 Energy Meter for
NIBE F2040
Air Source Heat Pump



EM271 is the perfect solution for NIBE F2040 as all loads are monitored by split core Current Sensors to improve installation time and safety. Only one voltage reference is required to allow for monitoring the system and is connected into the main EM271 device from the main incoming supply.

All variables are monitored with high accuracy and presents kWh equivalent to Class 1 for load monitoring when connected correctly as per NIBE wiring and installation instructions.

The pulse output provided with the system can be connected to the NIBE SMO controller for monitoring as an on-board meter to comply with RHI Annex 7.

It's possible to monitor up to 3 single phase loads and display accumulated energy consumption.

Features of EM271 

* Monitoring of F2040, MegaCoil Immersion Heater and ELK.

* Connection of up to 3 extendable wired CS's.

* User friendly two-button interface.

* DIN rail mount in consumer unit.


EM111-EM112 Energy Meter for
NIBE F1155 and F1255
Ground Source Heat Pump



Both EM111 and EM112 solutions are provided with MID Certification to comply with RHI Annex 7 for standalone meters as part of domestic RHI.

All The load is fed directly through the meters through clear Live and Neutral input terminals and must be placed in-line prior to the load to be monitored.

The meters are ready to install and do not require any further action beyond wiring, provided this is done correctly following the given instructions.

The meters provide high accuracy Class B (better than Class A) against MID regulations for monitoring of kWh which can then be read from the backlit LCD display, or integrated into the Heat Pump control system via the Pulse output. If required kWh consumption will also display via NIBE UPLINK™.

It is the perfect solution for where a compact and low cost MID meter is required for accurately monitoring energy usage.

Features of EM111-EM112

* Displays kWH consumption on both heat pump controller and via NIBE UPLINK™

* MID Certification to comply wit RHI Annex 7

* DIN rail mount in consumer unit

* Clear wiring instructions

* Meters sized for 45A and 100A


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