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My Device Cannot Be Accessed In The Network. What Should I Do?

If possible, reduce the distance between the accessory and the main product. If communication between the main product and the accessory is weak, you may need to install an RPP 10 repeater Plug. Walls and some surfaces can absorb the wireless signal. If possible, place the accessory in the same room as the main product (to test the connection).


Thick stone or concrete wall with metal construction can lead to High disturbances likewise with a Roof with metal frames. However a Brick wall may only cause a Medium disturbance, whereas plasterboard, glass or wood walls are likely to cause minimal problems.

It is best if the accessory is not:

  • Behind a TV.
  • Near an aquarium.
  • Placed in or under a metal object.
  • Placed in closed furniture.
  • Close to a large amount of wires and cords.
  • Close to other wireless devices (Laptops, tablets, cordless phones, cordless printers, speakers, IP cameras, other smart devices, microwaves, etc.)

If you have any of these devices at home, turn them off temporarily and check your connection (which may take up to 15 minutes).

If things get better, try increasing the distance between your myUplink products and the main unit.