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NIBE Heat Pump Training Courses

NIBE Heat Pump training courses

NIBE offer a wide range of heat pump training courses aimed specifically at helping your business install and commission state of the art NIBE heat pumps.

As we are now coming through the Covid-19 pandemic we are looking to return to offering our training courses in person in the coming weeks, However in the meantime we will continue to run virtual installation and commissioning courses.

Our NIBE installation and commissioning courses are split into four key areas, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Air Source Heat Pumps, Exhaust Air Heat Pumps and Exhaust Air Service.

To find out more about our NIBE installation and commission courses please follow the below link or email

MCS Certification and Training

Please note, any heating engineers looking to up-skill to install heat pumps or any renewable energy heating installers looking to gain their MCS certification will need to enroll with our new NIBE Pro Training programme.

NIBE Pro is specifically designed to train you in all state of the art NIBE heat pumps whilst enabling you to gain your MCS certification at the same time, find out more below!

FiND your way


new air source

With an air source heat pump from NIBE you can keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer and reduce your energy bills.


new Ground source

NIBE ground source heat pumps harness the energy stored in the ground to supply your home with heating and hot water, and to cool it down on warm summer days.


new Solar Products

Harness the power of the sun with solar panels from NIBE and convert the energy it generates into electricity for your home.