Start About NIBE News [2018-12-21] New Improved F1145/F1245

New Improved F1145/F1245

We’re pleased to announce exciting new upgrades to our F1145 and F1245 ground source heat pumps, which will be available from early 2014.

Design improvements to the power button and clearer information between “emergency mode” and “on” mean the systems are now easier to operate than ever. The new, improved F1145 and F1245 models will also feature:

  • Improved COP with up to 4.81 @ 0/35 EN 14511 for the new 10kW machine and COP of 4.3 for the rest of the range from 5-17KW

  • NIBE Uplink

  • Temperature-controlled circulation pumps in heating and hot water mode, delivering:
  1. Improved installer friendliness
  2. Improved user friendliness
  3. Increased hot water comfort
  • Master/slave control of all combinations of F1145/F1245/F1345 up to nine heat pumps
  • Compatibility with ACS45