Sustainable energy solutions for a better future

Our culture and values

For a long time energy was regarded as something that was there to be consumed without taking into account the impact this had on the environment. Nowadays it is crucial that each and every energy solution is innovative, responsible and professional: it is on this that our values are based.


With success comes social responsibility, and here at NIBE we consider the environment throughout our value chain. Our long-term strategy is to devise world-class energy solutions that contribute to a more sustainable society. We have end-to-end responsibility for the environment – from product development to the end of the product's lifecycle. If we are to take responsibility for the environment in a proactive way, responsible procurement and the imposition of requirements on both our suppliers and our partners are crucial.


A passion for entrepreneurship, continuous product development and acquisitions have made us what we are today. It is important that we maintain and develop the strong business that we have created. We believe in honesty and transparency in all aspects of our business, and we expect the same from our partners. Work within the group is based on responsibility, openness, ethical conduct and respect for our partners' interests.


Our success is due in large part to the performance of the high-tech products that we have developed and to our focus on sustainability and the environment. Here at NIBE, the function, quality, safety and environmental characteristics of our products are the key prerequisites for our ongoing growth. We always strive to ensure that our products contribute to sustainable development. Energy efficiency and eco-design are therefore key features of our mission.