Hot water cylinders & buffer vessels


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The NIBE AHP/AHPS/AHPH is an easy-to-manage, modular accumulator tank with many connection options. Each module in the system is 60 cm wide and has efficient insulation, resulting in low energy loss. The NIBE AHPS/AHPH can be used to produce hot water through a combined hot water coil, and can handle high outputs – up to a 24 kW heat pump – resulting in a high hot water capacity for these “technology tanks”. Connection on several different levels facilitates energy supply and output in most combinations. Docking takes place on the heat pump or other external heat source. The NIBE AHPS has a built-in, combined hot water coil for hot water production as well as a solar coil. The NIBE AHPS and NIBE AHPH can be extended with the NIBE AHP to the required system volume.

    Technology tank

    Accumulator tank for hot water heating with multiple connection options

    Handles high outputs

    Handles high outputs, providing a high hot water capacity

    Energy supply in multiple combinations

    Easy-to-manage modular system for customised volume requirements

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  • NIBE AHPS 10-300
  • NIBE AHPS 10-300
  • NIBE AHPS 10-300
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  • NIBE AHPS 10-300
  • NIBE AHPS 10-300