Ground source heating – energy stored in the ground


Så enkelt monteras solceller på taket

Ground source heating is pure solar energy that's stored in the ground. As the sun begins to shine more strongly in the spring, energy is stored, little by little, beneath the surface of the ground. The warmer it gets, the lower it is stored. By the time autumn comes, enough energy from our greatest source of heat, the sun, will have been stored to heat your home over a freezing cold winter.

Even during a really chilly Swedish summer, enough heat energy will be stored in the ground beneath your home to ensure that you can always enjoy a warm winter indoors.

Heat from the deep

Using a liquid-filled loop, also known as a collector, you can collect the solar heat that's stored deep down in the earth, at the bottom of the lake or a few metres under your lawn. In other words, you don't need to have a mountain on your property to install a ground source heat pump. The type of heat source that is suitable for your needs will depend on your home's energy requirements, your heating system and the nature of your property.


Så enkelt monteras solceller på taket

The heat pump does the work

The heat pump concentrates the stored heat energy and heats water for your showers and radiators. The liquid in the loop circulates and is heated by the stored solar heat deep down in the ground or in the lake. As the liquid passes through the heat pump, it meets another closed system. There is a refrigerant that turns into a gas at very low temperatures. The temperature of the gaseous refrigerant is significantly increased by a high-pressure compressor. A condenser supplies the heat to the property's heating system and, at the same time, the refrigerant reverts to liquid form – ready to become a gas once again and collect more heat energy.