Exhaust air heat pumps – reuse the air in your home


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Exhaust air heat pumps first ventilate your home and then use the heat energy in the ventilation air to heat your water and your home. In other words, an exhaust air heat pump reuses energy from waste air.

 A fan extracts ventilation air from all wet rooms in your home. This creates a weak suction that causes air from other rooms to move to the wet rooms. New outdoor air is drawn in through the valves of the outer walls, thereby ventilating all the rooms in the house. The circulating air is used in the property's duct system, and the heated room air is channelled to the heat pump where the energy in the air is recovered. This enables the heat pump to supply the entire property with hot water and heat.

Så enkelt monteras solceller på taket


New opportunities – for you and the environment

The principle behind exhaust air heat pumps is a simple one but, over the years, we have developed the technology to produce ever more advanced products. And our heat pumps have also become ever simpler to install and use. In principle, they look after themselves, year after year. Our products are reliable and result in significant savings, for both you and the environment.


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