Air/water heat pumps – extract heat from nothing


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Have you ever wondered how air can be used to heat your home? The heat pump can concentrate the heat energy in the outdoor air to such an extent that it can be used to heat water for your showers and radiators.

The outdoor air is sucked into the heat pump and meets a closed system. The system contains a refrigerant that turns into a gas at very low temperatures. The temperature of the gaseous refrigerant is significantly increased by a high-pressure compressor. A condenser supplies the heat to the property's heating system and, at the same time, the refrigerant reverts to liquid form – ready to become a gas once again and to collect more heat energy.

Så enkelt monteras solceller på taket


New opportunities – for you and the environment

The principle behind air/water heating is a simple one but, over the years, we have developed the technology to produce ever more advanced products. And our heat pumps have also become ever simpler to install and use. In principle, they look after themselves, year after year. Our products are reliable and result in significant savings, for both you and the environment.