NIBE S-serie
It’s easy to be smart
How the S-series makes your home smarter

How the S-series makes your home smarter

We want to make your everyday life easier. Thanks to the connected operating system all processes in S-series runs smoothly. By adapting the temperature around your daily routine, you get maximal comfort and minimal energy consumption. Your home becomes instantly more sustainable and living expenses becomes lower. Basically, all you need to do is lean back and put your feet up.

We just made it easy to be smart. The new S-series has a sophisticated design with push to open doors. The interface is easily controlled by an integrated touchscreen. S-series is wifi-connected to myUplink for accessible administration wherever you are, and the featured voice assistant makes it a natural part of your smart home.


Ground source

NIBE ground source heat pumps harness the energy stored in the ground to supply your home with heating and hot water, and to cool it down on warm summer days.



With an air source heat pump from NIBE you can keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer and reduce your energy bills as well.


Exhaust air

With an exhaust air heat pump from NIBE, you can recover the energy from warm air and use it to heat, ventilate, and supply hot water to your home.



The NIBE S-Series is our smartest product line to date. It is fully prepared to meet the demands of today with its new technology and innovative design. Your energy consumption becomes greener and cheaper and you can keep track of everything in your smartphone or tablet. With NIBE it’s easy to be smart.



The NIBE S-series is a natural part of your smart home. With integrated and wireless connectivity, you can install, control, and interact with your product directly through your smartphone.


Swedish engineering

NIBE is manufactured in Sweden for the Nordic climate. Maximal comfort and minimal energy consumption - doing nature a favour. We make sure your indoor climate is perfect.



Det stora utbytet

Morgan Malmberg, his wife and their kids are all unusually interested in technology. In twelve years the old functionalist villa has transformed from an oil slurping dinosaur to a connected home on the cutting edge of energy efficiency. In the boiler room lives NIBE’s latest innovation in ground heat technology – NIBE S1255 and the roof glitters with solar panels. Proffsnytt pays a visit to the energy pioneers.

”We already knew that NIBE’s heat pump delivered cutting edge energy efficiency. But with the new series simplicity, control and efficiency have taken yet another huge leap forward. For starters the graphics and controls on the heat pump itself is very intuitive and as easy as a modern smartphone to operate. In addition to that we really like the new room units which makes it even easier to adjust the temperature in the whole house. Unless we want to do it directly through our phones with myUplink that is. The feeling of simplicity and control is awesome if you ask me, and makes us feel that the house really is on the cutting edge of technology.” Katarina Malmberg tells us.

The heat pump is the heart of the house

With a simple wifi connection NIBE’s S series is completely wirelessly connected and ready for the future. And the technology creates a rare feeling of freedom and ease.

“Earlier we had to go down to the boiler room to check the status of the boiler and to adjust the temperature. Trips to the boiler room are now a rare occasion since the controls moved into the smartphone and our room units are strategically placed throughout the house. My wife is very active in adjusting the ventilation, hot water and comfort in the room units, and it’s simple. They inspire us to be actively smart with our indoor climate.” Says Morgan.