Flexible indoor module NIBE™ VVM 310 for systems with NIBE air/water heat pumps

NIBE launches NIBE Uplink, the fastest, simplest and most effective tool to give you full control over your heating installation.

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  • Flexible all-in-one indoor module for heating and hot water.
  • For upgrading existing heating systems or new builds with requirements for high hot water performance, perhaps a pool/existing boiler can be combined.
  • NIBE air/water heat pumps together with VVM 310 make up a complete installation for heating and domestic hot water.
  • A new generation control module with a colour display and several new functions.
  • Simple connection and control of the external heat source (wood/oil/gas). Step controlled additional heat with immersion heater.
  • Integrated buffer tank for the heating system.
  • Hot water coil made of stainless steel.
  • Climate controlled automatic shunt valve that takes the outdoor temperature into consideration.
  • Self-regulating, speed controlled, charge respectively heating medium pump of A-class design.
  • Compatible with NIBE Uplink.
  • Prepared for pool heating, external boiler and solar energy.



Image: Domestic boilers/Product range - Electric boilers/NIBE™ VVM 310

VVM 310 is a flexible indoor module and together with NIBE’s air/water outdoor modules creates a complete system to supply the building’s heating and hot water requirements.

VVM 310 can receive energy from several different alternatives, for example F2030 and F2040 outdoor heat pumps.

It is possible to use energy from the existing boiler instead of using the internal immersion heater.


Image: Domestic boilers/Product range - Electric boilers/NIBE™ VVM 310
VVM 310
Height 1800 mm
Required ceiling height 1910 mm
Width 600 mm
Depth 615 mm
Weight 140 kg
Volume 270 litres
Low energy load circ pump yes
Low energy heating circ pump yes
Buffer vessel for heating yes
Immersion heater 12 kW
Voltage 3 x 400 V


VVM 310 - F2030 VVM 310 - F2040
Max temperature house heating system 65 °C 65 °C
Domestic hot water (only compressor) 18 litres/min, 180 litres, 40°C 15 litres/min, 150 litres, 40°C
Max connectable additional power
(gas/oil/electric boiler)
25 kW 25 kW


Rights to make any design modifications are reserved.

Installer manual

VVM 310

Installer manual

Valid from 2014-08-26 to 2020-01-01

pdf PDF: 231175-4.pdf

Declaration of conformity

VVM 310

Declaration of conformity

Valid from 2014-08-05 to 2020-01-01

pdf PDF: DOC_0000582-0.pdf

News leaflet

VVM 310

News leaflet

Valid from 2013-06-13 to 2020-01-01

pdf PDF: 639534-2.pdf

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