NIBE™ F2026

Flexible system solutions

NIBE F2026 is an intelligent heat pump that can work with virtually any heating system that your home already has, such as wood-fired, oil or gas boiler. An integrated controller makes it possible for NIBE F2026 to for example start up via an existing thermostat.

The air/water heat pump NIBE F2026 together with VVM 300 makes a complete heating and domestic hot water solution.

For a more flexible solution SMO 10 is an advanced external control module that, together with the air/water heat pump NIBE F2026 creates a complete system.


Image: Systems NIBE™ F2026/NIBE™ F2026 + VVM 300/NIBE™ F2026

This system set up is often used to back up an existing heating system. The built-in controller in the outdoor unit can work with a thermostat.

In the case of a wood-fired boiler, the NIBE F2026 is connected to the accumulator tank, which contains a water heater. When the wood-fired boiler is not in use, the heat pump starts automatically, providing an economical heat source. It is controlled by a thermostat in the accumulator tank.

In the case of an oil or gas boiler, the heat pump is connected to the heating circuit just before the boiler, and contributes to heating the house (but not the hot water). It is controlled by a room thermostat.

Both of these installations make use of existing equipment and thus keep installation costs down. However, the energy savings that can be achieved are not as high as with the three other systems described.

Image: Systems NIBE™ F2026/NIBE™ F2026 + VVM 300/NIBE™ F2026
  2026-6 2026-8 2026-10
Emitted capacity / COP at 7/35 °C * 6,2 kW / 4,16 8,6 kW / 3,87 9,8 kW / 3,74
Emitted capacity / COP at 7/45 °C * 6,0 kW / 3,40 8,3 kW / 3,26 9,6 kW / 3,21
Operating voltage 3 x 400 V + N + PE 50 Hz 3 x 400 V + N + PE 50 Hz 3 x 400 V + N + PE 50 Hz
Fuse 10 A 10 A 16 A
Max supply temperature 58 °C 58 °C 58 °C
Refrigerant quantity (R404A) 1,8 kg 2,0 kg 2,0 kg
Height with stand 1045 mm 1045 mm 1045 mm
Width 1200 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm
Depth 520 mm 520 mm 520 mm
Weight 120 kg 126 kg 132 kg
Lowest operational point, outdoor air/supply temperature -20/50 °C
(-7/58 °C)
-20/50 °C
(-7/58 °C)
-20/50 °C
(-7/58 °C)
* In accordance with EN 14511. outdoor air/supply temperature


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